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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, simply known as KLM, is the Dutch airline, founded in 1919, one of the largest airline companies in Europe, with more than 30 million passengers transported annually. Prices on European and other destinations are among the most competitive, and using a KLM discount coupon you can get a 10% rebate on the airline ticket originally displayed on the search page. Also, current KLM promotions can bring you tickets for exotic destinations even with a 50% discount, especially to destinations between Europe and South America.

Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
CouponSave 10% with this KLM promo code for selected destinations06 July
CouponTake 30% coupon code at KLM.com sitewide 08 November
PromotionEnjoy promo at KLM.com: 10% discount Blue Explorer Member22 November
Promotion€50 discount for some KLM flights with a promo code01 January

Information About KLM

KLM, or Royal Dutch Airlines, was founded on 7 October 1919 and is the oldest airline in the world, still operating today under its original name. It is the flagship airline of the Netherlands, with headquarters in Amsterdam. The first flight operated by KLM was on 17 May 1920, from London to Amsterdam. The first intercontinental flight was operated on 1 October 1924 to the island of Java, Indonesia. During World War II, KLM stopped flying to Europe, but continued to fly and expand in the Caribbean. After the end of World War II in August 1945, KLM quickly began rebuilding its air fleet, and domestic and European flights resumed in September 1945. In 1946, KLM was the first European airline to begin transatlantic flights between Amsterdam and New York. Expansion of the network continued in the 1950s with the addition of more destinations in western North America. In 1971, KLM was the first airline to operate a Boeing 747-200B. During 1989, KLM acquired a 20% stake in US carrier Northwest Airlines, developing a global network in partnership with Northwest Airlines. In 1992, KLM launched the "Flying Dutchman" customer loyalty programme, the first of its kind on the European continent. 1996 saw the first flight to Beijing, creating the opportunity to open more routes to China. In 2003, KLM's first Boeing 777-200R lands at Amsterdam Schiphol airport and begins operating flights to Cape Town, Nairobi and New York. Later in 2004 the Air France-KLM group is officially founded. Also in the same year KLM, Northwest and Continental join SkyTeam, an international airline alliance that includes several airlines such as Air France, Delta Air Lines, Alitalia, Korean Air, CSA Czech Airlines and Aéro Mexico. In 2015 KLM acquired its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, this aircraft introducing a new phase in KLM's airline fleet renewal programme. Currently KLM serves 162 destinations worldwide, of which 70 are intercontinental and 92 European. 

Categories Of Services Offered By KLM

In addition to the classic services, i.e. flights, KLM offers additional services such as: airport transfers to and from hotels, hotel room reservations where passengers get one mile for every 1 euro spent at the hotel, car rental through our partner CarTrawler, which offers connections to over 30,000 car rental locations worldwide, organisation of sightseeing activities through our partner GetYourGuide. 

KLM's Most Popular Destinations

Top destinations operated by KLM are: Atlanta, Bergen, Calgary, Lima, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Panama, Bogota, Madrid, Beijing, Seoul, Londra, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Roma, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul.

How To Book An Airline Ticket From KLM

There are three options for booking tickets for KLM flights, namely: - online booking on the KLM.com website, where for flights departing from the Netherlands, a 10 euro fee is charged for any booking made, for flights departing from other countries the situation differs in that for most of these no online booking fee is charged. -booking via the KLM customer contact centre: where each passenger pays a fee of €25. -booking via the KLM ticket office, where the company charges the highest fee of €35 per passenger. 

KLM Payment Methods

KLM offers various payment methods when purchasing your flight and additional options, depending on the country and time of booking. These methods are the following: payment methods depending on the country, credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), online banking, bank transfer, Ingenico ePayments and Adyen, E-Wallet (PayPal available in over 40 countries, WeChat Pay only for China and Alipay only for China and Hong Kong only with local credit and debit card), Cash and PIN payment (payment with cash or using a bank card with PIN code at a KLM ticket office after booking online. Whichever method you choose, payment is always secure. 

KLM Return And Cancellation Policy

If a passenger wishes to obtain a refund for a trip that he/she no longer wishes to take, he/she may request this through the online refund system. After checking the eligibility, the system issues a response clearly stating whether the customer qualifies for a full or partial refund. The processing of the client's request will be resolved within 7 days. An important thing to remember is that as soon as the refund request is sent to KLM, the booked flights will be automatically cancelled. The customer can also request a cash refund if the flight has been cancelled by KLM, if the flight has been delayed for more than 3 hours, if the connection to the final destination has been delayed for more than 5 hours. For flight cancellations by the customer, the customer may request a cash refund within a maximum of 24 hours of booking. If a customer books their flight more than 24 hours in advance and chooses to fly Economy Class, and has purchased a ticket in light or standard mode, no refund is offered for these. For the Flex ticket this is refundable, either free of charge or at cost, and for the Business Class ticket, the fares are refundable. 

KLM Contact Information

There are several ways to contact KLM: https://www.KLM.ro/contact; Whatsapp; Messenger. You can find on the website, phone, email etc. 

KLM Mobile App

KLM app users have a number of benefits at their fingertips such as: View the best deals; Book a flight and add additional options; Make itinerary changes; Save travel documents; Check in and get boarding pass; Real-time flight and baggage information; Notifications for flight delays, gate changes and other flight updates. The KLM app is available for smartphone, tablet or smartwatch and can be downloaded from the App Store - IOS and Google Play - Android. 

KLM On Social Networks

Social networks are an integral part of keeping KLM in touch with its customers around the world. Given the importance KML attaches to social networks, since 2011 it has been one of the first companies in the world to offer 24/7 online services via social networks. Today, KLM has over 25 million fans and followers across all social media platforms. 

  • Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KLM 
  • Twitter - https://twitter.com/KLM 
  • LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/KLM/ 
  • Instragram - https://social.KLM.com/instagram 
  • WeChat
  • KakaoTalk

KLM Coupon

KLM takes care of its customers by offering them numerous opportunities, which translate into discounts on airfares, in several forms: vouchers, discount coupons, promotional codes. These discounts can apply not only to the actual flight, but also to other services that KLM offers, such as car rental, airport transfers or sightseeing tours and activities. 

KLM Coupon For New Customers

To welcome you to our website, we offer you an additional 10% discount on your first purchase from KLM. The discount code is valid on many products - including those already discounted - except for those on Discount and those where it is clearly specified. The discount is only valid for one order, for one customer. 

KLM Discount Code For Existing Users

KLM offers a promotional discount of up to 15% or more to all customers who frequently purchase tickets for KLM services to destinations in Europe, USA and other countries. 

Latest KLM Coupon Codes And Offers

The latest coupon codes and offers that KLM offers to its customers are: 10 coupon codes with discounts between 10-30% and 3 offers, two of which have discounts of up to 50%, the other one having the benefit of earning miles with the Flying Blue program. 

KLM Black Friday Coupon

KLM runs several special events every year, the most famous of which is Black Friday. The special discounts are for many selected KLM flights. This event is announced in advance on the official website, on social media channels, on the KLM app. In order to get a substantial discount when booking a KLM flight, customers need to visit the official website and thus have at their fingertips coupon offers with discounts of up to 60%. 

KLM Cyber Monday Coupon

Another special event undertaken by KLM is Cyber Monday. Similar to the Black Friday offers, this event also offers customers very good deals with price reductions of up to 60%. These can be accessed by visiting the official KLM website.


KLM Promotional Codes

How Much Can I Save Using A KLM Coupon Code?

When booking a KLM flight, customers can save significant amounts by using a coupon code. The biggest discount is 30%. 

What Is The Latest KLM Discount Code?

The latest discount coupon code offered by KLM has a value of 20%.

What Is The Best Promotional Code For KLM?

The most important discount offered by KLM at the moment is 30% off.

Is There A 10% Coupon Code?

Currently there is a coupon code that KLM customers can use to get a 10% discount, you can find it on our website or you can receive it after subscribing to the KLM newsletter.

Does KLM Have A Loyalty Program?

Together with AirFrance, KLM has developed a customer loyalty programme called Flying Blue. The main benefits offered by this programme are the following: - mileage accrual (miles accrued can be used either when booking a KLM flight or with one of the airline partners, when buying from any of the lifestyle or retail partners or even when working with one of KLM's financial partners, mileage accrual is almost unlimited. A higher number of miles gives the possibility of more substantial and varied awards. Accumulation of experience points (XP) - these determine the status of each customer. XP points are accumulated for each eligible flight that passengers take with Air France, KLM and its airline partners. Depending on the number of points accumulated, each passenger has a status starting from Explorer, then Silver, Gold, then Platinum. Each status has its own privileges and benefits. Priority check-in and boarding. Through this program customers are rewarded daily, even without travelling.

Does KLM Offer A Discount For Students?

Students get extra benefits and maximum flexibility when travelling to their university abroad or when going on holiday. Also, as a student you can postpone your trip for any reason, or request a refundable voucher if you no longer wish to travel or even get a refund if your flight has been cancelled. Another benefit is that you can check in 2 pieces of luggage of 23 kg each.

How Do I Activate My KLM Promotional Code?

The KLM promotional code is activated similar to the KLM discount coupon.

  • In order to benefit from the discount, you must reach the field "Your discount code" where the customer writes the KLM promotional code.
  • After entering this valid promotional code, the system will automatically recalculate and subtract the price of the flight, which will be displayed as the final price of the booking.

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How To Use A KLM Coupon

  1. To get the discount, these coupons must be applied on the official KLM website.
  2. The customer has to choose the desired flight, after entering the passenger details he will reach the final part of the "Payment" page, where he will identify the section "Your discount code".
  3. Within this section click on add discount code link and an input field will appear, where you just have to enter the KLM discount code displayed on this page.
  4. After clicking the "Submit discount code" button, the price will be recalculated and the selected discount will be applied.
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How To Save On KLM

There are several ways to save money when booking KLM flights: 

  • KLM promotional codes and vouchers that can be applied to save significant amounts of money when booking flights, car rentals, airport transfers and hotel reservations. 
  • Coupon codes are another way to save money when buying a ticket at KLM, to get the discount, you have to apply these discount codes on the official KLM website. 
  • The offers present on the KLM website whereby users are provided with numerous facilities to find great prices when booking flights. 
  • KLM airline flash sales and last minute offers are also another way to save a lot of money. 
  • With these you get new flight deals every day. The KLM app is another way to save when booking a flight, it sends notifications with the best deals and also personalised offers for each customer's journey. 
  • Subscribing to the newsletter is a way for customers to find out about the latest special offers that can save them money when buying a ticket. 

KLM Alternatives

If for various reasons you don't want or can't fly with KLM, you have several alternatives:

  • Emirates.com
  • QatarAirlines.com
  • IBERIA.com
  • Avianca.com
  • VUELING.com
  • KIWI.com


KLM Promo Codes