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AliExpress is the online store dedicated to making your living easier. Here you can broaden your fashion collection with men and women’s clothing, along with bags, shoes, jewelry and watches to complete the look of your dreams. But your look wouldn’t be complete without some health, beauty and hair products to refresh you, but luckily you can find that here too. For all you can use an coupon code.
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CouponAliexpress discount code: save $3 on orders over $2918 February
CouponAliexpress discount code: save $9 on orders over $7918 February
CouponAliexpress discount code: save $20 on orders over $16918 February
CouponAliexpress discount code: save $30 on orders over $23918 February

AliExpress General Info

One of the largest online stores in the world, AliExpress has everything you want in terms of shopping: from electronics to clothes, from car parts to electronic cigarettes, from children's toys to international calling cards. Prices vary depending on the seller in the marketplace you choose. Therefore, for the same product the prices can be varied: we recommend you to choose the seller that you find reliable and at a price according to your expectations. In addition, some of the sellers in the marketplace offer free shipping to exceed the certain value of the shopping cart and / or reseller coupons. These coupons can be combined with other promotional offers from this online store. It should be mentioned that AliExpress has several warehouses around the world, the most famous being in Hong Kong, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Russia, France and Germany. If you choose to shop at a local warehouse, you get a much faster transport, coupons specific to the country you are buying from, as well as another great advantage: there is no need to pay customs duties!

AliExpress Shipping Info

AliExpress sends its packages to over 200 countries and territories around the world, both in the STANDARD Shipping version and in the EXPRESS SHIPPING version. It should be mentioned that, depending on the location where you are, prices and delivery time vary greatly. If you choose to buy with delivery from a local warehouse in your country or in Europe if you live in the European Union, you should know that you are exempt from paying customs duties and the fact that you will receive the package in a much shorter time. unless you choose to buy from a remote warehouse. Through EXPRESS SHIPPING you can choose to receive the package directly to your home by express courier, internationally renowned: DPD, FEDEX, UPS, TNT or DHL. The price for EXPRESS transport varies from country to country and from seller to seller.

AliExpress Payment Method

An important thing is that AliExpress allows payment through various payment methods:

  • WebMoney
  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer
  • Giropay
  • AliPay

Other payment methods may be available for certain countries and resellers, including PayPal.

AliExpress Return Policy

If, for any reason, you want to return a product, you have 15 days in which to do so. These 15 days start from the day the package arrived at your home and you signed for its receipt (or the date on which it appears in the TRAKING system that it was delivered to you). Payment for the return of a product is made by the buyer and, we recommend that before returning a product to contact the seller to find together the best way to return (there are cases where, if you are not satisfied with the product, the seller prefers to return the money even without returning the product).

AliExpress Contact Info

  • AliExpress Address 

699 Wang Shang Road, Binjiang District
310052 Hangzhou

AliExpress Mobile App

The AliExpress Mobile Application for both iOS and ANDROID is super useful! This is because it is very easy to use, because it offers you exclusive discounts (for example a $ 3 coupon for purchases of at least $ 30) and because this way you are notified of the newest offers and promotional coupons of this store. Open your mobile phone now, install the AliExpress shopping app and enjoy an exclusive welcome coupon worth 3 USD.

AliExpress On Social Networks

AliExpress has an active presence on Social Media, where you can sometimes find out what are the latest AliExpress coupons and offers. Thus, you can find AliExpress in the following Social Media networks:

AliExpress Alternatives

Even if it is the largest online store in the world, where you can find almost anything, for various reasons you also need alternatives. Thus, we recommend GeekBuying and eBAY as alternatives to He had now used a GeekBuyuing coupon from our list and benefits from the latest discounts. Or, with an eBAY promo code you can find your favorite products in one of the largest online auction stores in the world.

AliExpress New Customer Coupon

Today, the AliExpress offer for new customers is a 3 USD discount on purchases of at least 4 USD, which means up to 75% discount compared to the initial price! It is the biggest discount offered, as a percentage, by this online store of marketiplace type. You can now benefit from 3 USD AliExpress New Customer Coupon if you choose it from our promotional coupons page or if you subscribe to the newsletter (by subscribing to the AliExpress newsletter you are automatically a new customer on the site).

AliExpress 11.11 Coupon

When you say 11.11 you are actually saying ALIEXPRES. This is because 11.11 SINGLE DAYS is a shopping holiday invented by the AliExpress online store. Use AliExpress 11.11 Coupon Codes and benefit from the biggest discounts this year! 11.11 actually lasts almost 3 days, and this is due to the fact that AliExpress covers all time zones in the world, starting with Japan and ending with Hawaii. The November 11 promotional offers to which an AliExpress 11.11 Coupon is added can bring you up to 80% discount.

AliExpress Black Friday Coupon

BLACK FRIDAY is another shopping holiday highly appreciated by shoppers around the world and also celebrated by all major stores around the world, from AliExpress to AMAZON, from EBAY to FARFETCH and from SHEIN to WONDERSHARE. This year, for BLACK FRIDAY, AliExpress is waiting for you with up to 77% discount. In addition, you can use an AliExpress Black Friday Coupon CODE for an additional 10% discount on average.

AliExpress Cyber Monday Coupon

Immediately after BLACK FRIDAY follows a Monday full of discounts, especially on the technology side. Initially, CYBER MONDAY was a replica of BLACK FRIDAY for computer and electronics stores, but quickly expanded to almost all other online stores. So, use an AliExpress CYBER MONDAY and enjoy up to 70% discount with the specific offers of this day!

AliExpress Coupons For France Customers

AliExpress has warehouses in Europe, which is why deliveries are made much faster and no additional customs duties are required. France is one of the most important countries for this online store, which is why buyers in FRANCE have discount coupons dedicated to them. Now use an AliExpress FRANCE COUPON with a value between € 3 and € 40, depending on the value of the shopping cart, and the corresponding discount applies immediately. Also don't forget the € 3 welcome coupon for customers in France!

AliExpress Coupons For Poland Customers

Poland is one of the countries where AliExpress has a local European warehouse, from where customers of all European countries can benefit from a fast, safe and low cost transport. An AliExpress POLAND COUPON can bring you between 24 PLN and 80 PLN discount, depending on the value of all purchases, a coupon that can be used even in promotional offers for Poland. If you use an AliExpress new buyer coupon code for POLAND you will benefit from an additional 13 PLN discount. Attention: all these coupons and promotional offers are valid only if the delivery address is located in Poland!

AliExpress Coupons For Brazil Customers

Brazil is a huge country, with over 210 million inhabitants, many of them accustomed to online shopping. For this reason, AliExpress has expanded a lot in this country, has become popular, and has a lot of exclusive offers for Brazil. Using an AliExpress BRAZIL COUPON you can get between 35 BRL and 150 BRL discount, depending on the value of the purchase. For new customers in Brazil, AliExpress offers a coupon with 15 BRL discount on orders over 20 BRL value.

AliExpress Coupons For Spain Customers

Spain is one of the most important countries in Europe for the online store, which is why a huge warehouse has recently opened here. AliExpress SPAIN COUPON CODES offers between € 4 and € 58 discount, for shopping cart values ​​between € 30 and € 290 value. Also, for new buyers, the € 3 welcome coupon is available for orders over € 4 worth. Remember, these coupons are only available for orders with delivery in Spain, including the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

AliExpress Coupons For Saudi Arabia Customers

In Arabic-speaking countries, AliExpress has become increasingly popular, but in Saudi Arabia it is the largest international chicken store that delivers here. Prices are competitive, sometimes better than those in local stores, fast delivery and, most importantly, special offers for Saudi Arabia make this online store the No. 1 favorite. If you are from this country, use a SAUDI AliExpress ARABIA COUPON and get 30 SAR reduction. Also, the welcome coupon for new buyers in Saudi Arabia brings with it 11 riyal discount for orders over 15 riyali.

AliExpress Coupons For Korea Customers

South Korea loves AliExpress. For this reason, AliExpress offers special promotions and coupons for this country! First of all, the AliExpress welcome coupon, worth 3500 WON for orders over 4600 WON, is the most popular in Korea. In addition, coupons of 5800 WON, 8000 WON and 9300 WON are available for orders of 58000 WON, 80000 WON and 93000 WON respectively.

Aliepxress Coupons For Italy Customers

Another strength for which AliExpress has dedicated coupons is ITALY. With values ​​between € 4 and € 25 depending on the value of the online order, the discount can be even more significant when there are special events such as 11.11, BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY or other specific events. During certain periods, the promotions bring up to 80% discount and free deliveries for customers in ITALY.



How do I use my 3 dollar coupon on AliExpress?

To use the $ 3 Aliexpress coupon, you must be a new customer or create a new account with a new email address. Thus, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of the welcome coupon, valued at 3 USD, and which applies to the first order that exceeds the value of 4 USD.

Can I pay with PayPal on Aliexpress?

Yes and no. Generally it is not possible to pay with PayPal in the Aliexpress store, but there are some resellers, especially in Europe, who accept PayPal as a payment method on

How do I get free coupons on AliExpress?

Aliexpress coupons are absolutely free! Here on this page of coupons and promotional offers for Aliexpress, you will find general aliexpress coupons updated daily, as well as exclusive coupons for certain countries such as: Brazil, France, Spain, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Is AliExpress safe to use?

Yes, Aliexpress is one of the safest online stores in the world. I can pay with confidence with your credit or debit card and, if the product does not reach you or you are not satisfied with it, you are covered by the Aliexpress guarantee through which you will receive your money within 15 days.

Is any new buyer coupon code available on Aliexpress?

Yes, here, on our page with Aliexpress promotional codes, the coupon is available that offers a discount of 3 USD on orders over 4 USD.

What is the safest way to pay on AliExpress?

Any of the payment methods accepted by Aliexpress, be it MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal.

What payment methods does AliExpress accept?

The most popular payment methods accepted by Aliexpress are: Credit or Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express), WebMoney, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Giropay.

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How To Use An AliExpress Coupon

To use an voucher code you must follow the steps:

  1. Put products in shopping cart
  2. Go to your shopping cart and to be able to continue you have to login with your email address and password (if you already have an account on Ali) or to make a new account from AliExpress.
  3. Go again to the shopping cart once you are already in the account of the AliExpress logged in, then under the products in the shopping basket write Store promotion and a box in the box that says Get Selling Coupons. Click on this text and it opens a menu in which appear the coupons that you can choose from a list.
  4. Choose the voucher you want and then clicked on the Buy All or Buy From This Seller
  5. After you enter all the shipping information (name, address, mobile phone), after you review your shopping cart, a box appears on the by you have to tick in the right they write Apply AliExpress Coupon and is automatically selected on the You don't have any coupons, it is selected a coupon already chosen in the previous step or it is a box where you can add a coupon again.
  6. After you check the Apply AliExpress Coupon you can click successfully on the Confirm & Pay and your order will benefit from the voucher added.
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How To Save On AliExpress

Here are some steps to follow to save more on your order from AliExpress:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter or register as a new AliExpress customer. Thus you will benefit from AliExpress new customer coupon which today has the value of 3USD
  • Search for AliExpress PROMO CODES on our page with offers and coupons for this store and choose the right coupon for your online order.
  • Follow the Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest) where you can find exclusive AliExpress coupons
  • Install the AliExpress application for iPhone or ANDROID where you get exclusive coupons and promotional offers
  • Follow the promotional campaigns where the biggest discounts of the year take place
  • You can find the same product at different resellers. Find the reseller that has the best rating and the best price. Some resellers offer free shipping, others for a fee.



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